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jack smith

Jack Smith

What do you want to know about Jack Smith now?

Jack Smith has two children and their ethnicity and education details were accessed by 7 agencies last week

The National Pupils Database has been in existence since 2000. 

The NPD holds data on every state-funded pupil. This includes name, age, ethnicity, address, behaviour and attendance data, special needs, and key stage and public examination results.

In addition, a second national database will hold the records of children who have been assessed under the electronic Common Assessment Framework (eCAF), a standardised form and profiling tool to collect data from a range of government agencies dealing with children, including schools and social services.

At the other end of the scale, Managing Information Across Partners (MIAP), an initiative of DIUS, will maintain a lifelong record of education and training from the age of 14, with access being given to educators and, quite likely, employers.

Similar databases include: Contact Point (an index of all children and their care providers), Integrated Children's System, Wiring Up Youth Justice (YJB), Youth Offenders Informations Systems (YOIS/RAISE/UMIS), and ONSET (potential offender profiling).



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