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jack smith

Jack Smith

What do you want to know about Jack Smith now?

Jack Smith is awaiting referral to a health specialist, has two prescriptions, and a family record of diabetes and heart conditions

Starting in 2002, the NHS National Programme for IT (NPfIT) has spent billions in an attempt to replace aging NHS systems with new ones that would share more information, leading to concerns over safety, privacy and functionality. 

Raising concern in particular is the Summary Care Record (SCR), also known as the Personal Spine Information Service (PSIS), which will 'initially' hold information such as prescription data and is set to expand into a full electronic health record.

The Secondary Uses Service (SUS) will also acquire significant data from secondary and primary sources within the health service.

Inappropriate accessing of patient records has already caused alarm in cases in Scotland while, elsewhere, doctors have advised making services opt-in, in order to avoid abuse and maintain confidentiality.

Additional databases currently moving your health information to the web include: Population Demographics Service (PDS), Electronic Prescription Service (EPS), Out of Hours Services, Picture Archiving and Communications: Radiology Information and Medical Images, Choose and Book, Detailed Care Record, and the Child Obesity Database.



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