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jack smith

Jack Smith

What do you want to know about Jack Smith now?

Jack Smith drives every weekday between Croydon and Hammersmith and drove from London to Birmingham two days ago

Jack Smith travelled from Hammersmith to Shepherd's Bush by tube with his Oyster card on Saturday

Update: Jack Smith just jumped a red light in Fulham Palace Road - his third such offence this month.

Key data collection centres for your location are the National ANPR Data Centre, which captures number plate data via a network of cameras.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition systems have been in use for a number of years. Additionally the National Police Improvement Agency manages a Back Office Facility (BOF II) that allows all UK police forces, as well as HMIC, SCDCA, the MOD, SPSA, HMRC, and the SOCA to retrieve and analyse this data.

The system will read and capture 50 million plates covering 10 million drivers every day, with data recorded for up to 5 years. Capacity was enough to store 18 billion plate readings in 2009 and the system is now starting to provide the police with the ability to track vehicles in real time.

The Integrated Transport Smartcard Organisation (ITSO) smart cards, and the ITSO interoperability framework, come from the Department for Transport's vision for a single smart card to be used for road pricing, parking, transport tickets, concessionary pricing and so on.

It is used by a number of operators although, to date, does not include London's Oyster travelcard system, which has its own data systems, recording the movements of millions of people in the capital every day and retaining the data for eight weeks.

Other notable databases recording information in this area include: DVLA, PNR, UK Border Agency, and Schengen (EU).



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